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As a result of concentrating production of engine valves, our staple products, to Shizuoka, we have achieved better efficiency. Meanwhile, we used the Fujisawa plant to focus on prototyping and production of relevant parts, which brought about a new system allowing the better use of their respective strengths.
As for sales bases, we are carrying out attentive sales activity from two bases, namely the Head Office sales force looking after customers in Shizuoka and further west and the Tokyo Office, Kanagawa and further east. In the meantime, we are actively working to globalize our business as well. Fuji Oozx, having strongly recognized the necessity to develop business overseas in its early days, was the first to launch overseas business among the industry. Earlier, we formed a technical tie-up with TRW of the U.S., a world-class general parts manufacturer, and established with it joint-venture companies in South Korea, Thailand and the U.S. and recently in Beijing China, to which our technologies are transferred. Especially, we involve ourselves more closely in the management of a joint venture company established in Guangdong Province in August 2010 as our subsidiary to expand local engine valve production.
Further, our global strategies are promoted at an accelerated pace in various other regions of the world including Europe and India. We, at Fuji Oozx, think and act on a global level so that we may be accepted as the best partner by our customers from around the world.
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Head Office & Shizuoka plant
1500-60, Misawa, Kikugawa-shi, Shizuoka 439-0023, JAPAN
TEL 81-537-35-5973 FAX 81-537-35-5982

Tokyo Office
Yokohama-Mitsui-Building 24F, 1-1-2, Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0011, JAPAN
TEL 81-45-681-1900 FAX 81-45-681-1930

Fujisawa plant
1-22-1, Engyo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0805, JAPAN
TEL 81-466-87-1412 FAX 81-466-87-3343