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December, 1951 Sonoike Valve, Co., Ltd., was founded in Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo, to manufacture and sell engine valves.
June, 1952 The name was changed to Fuji Valve, Co., Ltd. A plant in Ota-ward, Tokyo, was completed and began its operation.
July, 1953 Daido Steel, Co., Ltd. invested additional capital.
January, 1960 A technical agreement (engine valves) was signed with TRW Inc. of the United States.
October, 1965 The first stage of the Fujisawa Plant was completed.
September, 1970 The headquarters plant was moved to and concentrated in Fujisawa.
January, 1972 Shinhan Valve Ind.Co.,Ltd. a joint venture company with the Pak Group (Korea) and TRW Inc. (the United States), was founded in Korea.
January, 1979 The company invested capital in Wu Chou Valve Ind.Co.,Ltd.iRepublic of china)
July, 1979 Fuji Serina Valve Co., Ltd.,(currently TRW Fuji Serina Co., Ltd.)a joint venture company withTRW Inc. (the United States) and Seri Wathana Industry Co., Ltd. (Thailand), was founded in Thailand.
June, 1988 TRW Fuji Valve Inc.(TFV) a joint venture company with TRW Inc.(the United States)was founded in the United States.
December, 1989 The first stage of the Shizuoka Plant was completed.
April, 1990 The Shizuoka Plant started production.
December, 1992 The company's name was changed from Fuji Valve, Co.,Ltd., to FUJI OOZX Inc.
January, 1994 OOZX USA Inc. was established in the United States entirely by the company's capital investment.
December, 1994 The company rose to the Second Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July, 2003 The headquarters was moved to the current location, the city of Kikugawa in the Shizuoka prefecture.
October, 2006 Invests into Shinhan (Beijing) Automobile Parts System Co. (China).
August, 2010 Established Fuji Valve (Guangzhou) Co., a joint venture company formed by FUJI OOZX, TRW and Shin Han Valve Ind. Co., Ltd., in China (Guangzhou).
August, 2013 Established PT.Fuji OOZX INDONESIA, a joint venture company formed by FUJI OOZX, PT.Prospect Motor in Indonesia (Karawang).

1999 The Fujisawa plant has acquired QS-9000.
2000 The Shizuoka plant has acquired QS-9000.
2001 The Fujisawa and the Shizuoka plant have acquired ISO14001.
2006 The Shizuoka and the Fujisawa Plants have acquired the ISO 9001.