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kengo fukaya The automobile and other industries: forever searching for ceaseless technological innovation.@We at FUJI OOZX will continue with our technological research and improvement activities driven by the technical experience we have built up over the years in order to satisfy the constant demand for more innovative, more complex and more leading-edge products.@By realizing our two visions of creating products that contain new concepts derived from original technology and international strategies conceived through globalization, both of which are based on our high market share of the compact engine valve market at home and abroad, we intend to adhere to our policy of combining our attention to detail in creating products together with our sense of globalization.@In other words, by establishing a deep relationship between our attention to detail in the creation process and the reinstatement of Japan as a technological innovator, we will be able to accept all challenges face on in a way that no other can.The element that will provide the key for this is the open-minded corporate environment that we have nurtured ever since our establishment, not to mention the enormous reserves of ability and energy provided by our workforce.FUJI OOZX places great faith in the limitless possibilities of people, and by making the best use of this resource, we intend to expend every effort in creating a new FUJI OOZX.