FUJI OOZX of the engine valve production





  1. Holding and endless target, "CUSTOMER FIRST is our fundamental concept constituting our management", we will deploy and achieve it through the entire organization in domestic and world-wide OOZX with perfect acknowledgementof every single employee.
  2. Understanding customer demands, laws and legislation thoroughly, we will build a "consistent quality management system" which satisfy them.
  3. We will periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system and deploy "continuous kaizen (improvement)"to maintain and progress the system.
  4. We will set quality goals in the organization, set a "target achievement plan" to pursue and conduct an audit, updating the plan whenever necessary.
  5. We will clarify possible risk (danger) at the planning stage and deploy "risk management" to minimize possible risks.
  6.  We will identify management resources necessary for running business, supplying it without shortage.

The irreplaceable global environment. We understand the importance of preservation and will proceed with eco-friendly craftsmanship. We have achieved ISO14001 in 2001. Not only following the legislation, we rationalize the use of energy (electricity, fossil fuel), reduce, reuse and reduce waste. As a part of this activity, we purify industrial waste water at the waste water treatment facility located in our perimeters. We undertake continuous environment activities under higheco-awareness.

Environmental Principles

FUJI OOZX Inc. and FUJI OOZX group are aware that they are a member of the society through world-wide perspective based on the corporate principle. We will contribute to the "preservation of the global environment" and "the development of recyclingbased society" in all our business activities.

Basic Policy

  1. Lowering environmental burden and environmental conservation
    We will put our effort into lowering environmental burden and conserve the environment through our business activities.
    We will comply with the law to prevent contamination, save resource and energy, prevent waste, recycle etc.
  2. Lowering environmental burden through ecology products
    We will supply hollow valves, the main product of our business, universally. We will support raising the engine efficiency to lower environmental burden world-wide.
  3. Promoting communicationWe will fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen by disclosing environmental information to the public, receiving opinion from many people including the local residents, and promoting sustainable environmental conservation.

We will approach sustainable environmental improvement by noticing the basic policies to all our employees.

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