FUJI OOZX of the engine valve production



The manufacturing industry can also be stated as the key industry in Japan. With the development of the automotive industry,
undoubtedly one of the core industry, we have contributed through supplying engine valves for more than half a decade.
Engine valves may seem small, however, they have an important role of enhancing engine performance to the max
Therefore, we are required to accumulate our excellent technical skills for the development and manufacture of engines.

Recently, automobile manufacturers have announced the down sizing concept for engines, which has largely raised the demands
for performance. Our company has been accumulating technical skills throughout the years. We are confident we have contributed
to low fuel consumption and high output by taking initiative to deal with the demands. Furthermore, we have constantly put
strength on improving the durability performance for engine valves. We have successfully differentiated with other engine
-valve manufacturers by collaborating with "Daido Steel", a special steel industry leader in Japan.

Having strength in material, development abilities and manufacturing structure to meet demands are our advantage.
Through this, we foster customer reliability. Now, starting with the automotive industry, we have gained support from
manufacturers of two-wheelers, ship, construction equipment, and farm equipment letting us obtain one of the top class
shares in Japan. However, our world-wide share is 3.5%. We have already set up "global 10" as our goal to increase
world-wide share by 10%, while maintaining our domestic share. We have started world-wide activities at an early stage
and in the recent years, the activity has increased. We are considering to promote our world-wide share by strengthening
our approach toward European and American automotive manufacturers.

Finally, we have entered into a new phase for our company to make large progress. Our employees', with high motivation,
independence, affection for craftsmanship, feel positive with the challenge, burning with a fighting spirit for the development

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