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R&D section consists of mainly 4 sections, research center, CS promotion, engineering and engineering development, which are supervised by technical headquarters. Research center is responsible for contracted development, advanced development and assessment of function. CS promotion is the contact between customers, engaging in applied research and looking for new demands. Engineering deals with developing production equipment. Engineering development promote the  improvement and development of new production process and method. The 4 section operate in collaboration, which leads to solving tasks such as quality improvement and cost reduction.

Product development


We develop and produce engine valves not only for automobile manufacturers but also for two-wheelers and ships. Since we are related in various fields, we are able to apply and develop our know-hows, inevitably raising the development strength, making us able to deal with situations where we need to answer customer requests with difficult development projects. Possessing high development skills as a manufacturer, let us become recognized as a strong partner for our customers. Now, we have raised our reliance to the level where we have transaction with a majority of domestic automobile manufacturers.

Production System


No matter how brilliant the developed product may be, it will be impossible to supply to our customers if we are not able to produce them. That is why we have made improvements to the production process and equipment. We daily search for better production conditions and submit improvement plans to the engineering development section, even in the shop floor, where the actual products are being made. since the desire to improve in order to produce "good products" is deeply rooted in our minds, improvement awareness is rising at the shop floor, the front line of production.

R&D center

The new R&D center, with the latest combustion and thermal analysis, durability test and product evaluation function, was completed in summer of 2016. This allowed us to gain a rigorous testing environment more than ever before. Each sampled data  in this facility will be used for product proposal type of business and  at the same time will largely contribute when approaching to customers in the United States. Moreover, it will lead us to improving reliability for products manufactured in our overseas subsidiaries. We have again took a big step forward into intensifying our R&D capabilities.

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