FUJI OOZX of the engine valve production




One of largest produced capacity in the Asian region.
We our willing to make every effort for the development of material and equipment, consideration of production process,and producing good products.

In order to support the high functions of the engine, we manage consistently from proposing material to finished products. We also design our own equipment, so the production team are able to undertake business efficiently. Moreover, we lead the industry by forging material which are difficult to process and developing our own technical skills such as precision grinding. We were able to stabilize our quality by pursuing appropriate production process. Thus, making our production capacity for both Shizuoka plant and Fujisawa plant one of the largest in the Asian region.

Hollow Valve Manufacturing Process

Hollow valve manufacturing process

We have installed hot forging machine, straightening machine, PPW for the manufacturing process. For the machining process, we have installed center-less grinder, OOZX original MUG grinder, and automatic measuring machine. We strive for craftsmanship which satisfy our customers by thoroughly examining dimension, shape, accuracy and deploying leak tester for all our valves.


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