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In the Japanese automotive industry, overseas production volume largely exceeded domestic production volume due to overseas expansion through each automotive manufacturer. We strengthened our global strategy by organizing the production system for China, Indonesia, Mexico production base. Furthermore, we have largely shifted our business policy so that we are able to supply OOZX quality to not only the Japanese automotive customers but also to U.S. automotive customers. We will continue promoting
globalization to become a irreplaceable company for automotive customers world-wide.

oozx network

Passing on technical skills, which have been cultivated domestically, to oversea production base. We have started recruiting local employees for oversea bases before their operation, letting us
successfully obtain employees with high motivation. Starting with explaining machine operation,we have innovated awareness on quality and safety, education on basic knowledge of the shop floor,
in order to have them work as the key man. Of course even after operation, we will educate the know-how, quality and safety awareness of experts and technical instructors from our main plant.

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