FUJI OOZX of the engine valve production


In order to have all employees lead a fulfilling company life, we have set a variety of facilitiessuch as cafe space, shops and cafeteria. Also, we hold a company festival for communication between employees and CSR activity for the local residents, trips and ceremonies for each department and we also put effort into club activities for employees to enjoy. FUJI OOZX place employees as thecenter for building all working environment.

'Company festival
1st floor lobby
Café space
Shop (Main plant)
Shop (Fujisawa plant)
Club activity (Baseball)
Club activity (Golf)

In-house training system.

We use in/out-house training to train employees in order to become an excellent human resource and to also deepen exclusive knowledge.
We actively send our employees to other domestic/oversea companies for technical training, linguistic training.We also hold lecture meetings taught by external lecturer.


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